How to Give Auditions for America’s Got Talent: Know how to Submit AGT 2020 Auditions

Hello AGT Fans On your request today we are going to talk about How to Give Auditions for America’s Got Talent 2020: Know how to submit AGT 2020 Auditions. As everyone has a dream to be on America’s Got Talent and want to give Audition for Americas Got Talent but problem arise when they don’t How to submit AGT Auditions online? If you have Talent and ready to give America’s Got Talent Auditions then today we will clear all your doubts in this article. Please Read this article till end you want to give Audition for Americas Got Talent.

How to Know AGT Audition Eligibility and Prepare yourself for you America’s Got Talent Audition

Like The Voice first you have to appear for showoff your Talent then you will get chance to show your acts in front of AGT Judges. But first we will talk about the AGT audition eligibility requirement and for that you have to keep in mind that, You must be a Citizen or Legal resident of United States of America. Age doesn’t matter at all so you can give at any age, but if your age is under 18 then you must have parents or guardian sign up form on your behalf and fill out Special Paper work mention by AGT. Once you find out that you are eligible for the AGT Audition then you will have to register on AGT Audition Website. If you have registered before or in previous season then also you have to register yourself again of the given website.

You have to be ready with you Talent Category i.e. Singer, Dancer and by chance your category didn’t fits or mention you will have an option which shows “Variety/other” Category which you can choose for your act. If you are group and want to give audition then Only One person will have to sign up and select Individual or group in asked information. Also Don’t forgot to follow dedicated AGT Audition Social Media page @AGTAuditions on Twitter to get Latest info on AGT Audition Timing, Cities and many more.

How Can You Prepare Yourself on the Day of Your America’s Got Talent Audition

If we talk about AGT website it shows that, It’s not compulsory to register yourself for an audition day but if you do Paperwork online then it will helps you to be free on the day of your AGT auditions. Also if you are going with any of your family or friends then they will also have to do some paperwork and yeah don’t forget to bring PHOTO IDs of everyone. BEWARE From Frauds: You don’t have to pay anything for AGT Audition; if someone is saying that they are from AGT and you have to pay for audition then they are scamming you.

Also AGT website says that usually auditions are held between 8am to 7pm so you can come any time you want to. But due to heavy rush people usually make a line from 6am so you can go to 6 am if you want to. Then AGT officials will gives you an AGT audition number with QR codes and Wristband when you arrive. Once you get audition number you will be kept in holding room until your Audition number called for an audition. Once you entered into AGT Audition room you will have exact 90 seconds to show your talent to the Audition panel members. Those 90 seconds will decide your future on AGT.

How to Submit Video Audition for America’s Got Talent Online

In case you can’t able to make it on AGT open call auditions due to some reasons; you will have an option to submit video auditions online by deadline given on Website. And this year deadline is 5 March 2020. So Submit Your AGT Video Audition online by 5 March 2020. You can also do both Attend Audition and Submitting video this will give you more clarity to the producers. Same video are allowed to submit every year to reconsider your talent again.

America’s Got Talent Audition Tips and Tricks

As you all know that AGT allows many kind of different of acts in the auditions so please check out some guidelines on OPEN CALL FAQ to conclude if any special regulations or process applies to you or not. If we talk about some example then If you are singer and you want to play Instrument along with Auditions, If you are a Dancer and require dance floor, If your act requires animals and props or take time for setup make sure you are aware about allowed and not allowed items and fill out the proper paperwork for the special request. According to FAQs published on website it shows that fire equipments and sharp objects are not allowed on first round of AGT audition but yes you can make a video and show them to the audition panel on open call or you can simply Submit your AGT Audition Video online.

What to Wear on AGT Audition Day?

You can wear anything you want but AGT prefer Bright Colors which makes you quite different from others also Try not to were any specific logo costumes you may be filmed for AGT TV promo.

That’s it here it the little information regarding each and every process of AGT Audition. If you have any doubts feel free to ask us on our FACEBOOK PAGE or in Comment Section Below.

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