Demian Aditya Escape Artist Risks His Life During AGT Audition on America’s Got Talent 2017

Hello every once here we are with the awesome individual performances of contestants on Americas Got Talent 2017 premier. AGT 2017 already out on 30th may and today we had seen many performance and One Contestant get golden Buzzer. Yes it is worth to see the Golden Buzzer performance on AGT 2017 once. Today we are showing you Americas Got Talent 2017 full episode and individual performance as well. Now if we talk about Demain Aditya then he is something unique because the act he shows on the global stage of AGT 2017 is something incredible. He escape from the box and stunned the audiences and Judges. Watch the full performance of Demian Aditya on AGT 2017.

First Escape Performance on AGT 2017 premier by Demian Aditya

As we talk about Demian Aditya he does an incredible performance on the global stage of Americas Got talent 2017 and makes the audiences and Judges by his awesome Act. To watch full episode of Demian Aditya on AGT 2017 scroll down. Full episode of AGT 2017 premiere 30 May 2017 is not so far. Click here to watch the America Got Talent 2017 full episode 1.

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