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AGT 2017 Quarter final Recap: Watch Full Episode of Americas Got Talent 2017 Quarter Final Week 1

AGT 2017 Quarter final Recap: Watch Full Episode of Americas Got Talent 2017 Quarter Final Week 1
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Hey everyone hope you all enjoyed the AGT 2017 Live show full episode on 15 august 2017 and also seen the AGT 2017 live voting result on 16 august. Many fans can does voting for their favorite artist out of them some are advanced and some get eliminated from the AGT 2017 Live show round. But no need to be sad because you all have more 5 weeks to save your favorite contestant by AGT 2017 Live voting or AGT 2017 votes. Next AGT 2017 voting line will be live on 22 august 2017 and that day is not so far. Also AGT 2017 winner name announced soon or you will also get a chance to be a part of the AGT 2017 winner prediction and you will have your AGT 2017 winner soon. AGT 2017 finale will be telecast on 19-20 September. On 19 September there will be an AGT 2017 finale performances and AGT 2017 finale voting is on 20 September so be ready for the AGT 2017 Live voting to save your favorite act on AGT 2017. Today we will be going to show you full recap of AGT 2017 Live show week 1 and AGT 2017 Quarterfinal week 1 episode recap.

Watch AGT 2017 Live Show Recap with AGT 2017 live voting and AGT 2017 Voting Result

As you all know that total 12 acts were perform on AGT 2017 live show and AGT 2017 quarter final week 1. From all these 12 acts 7 will be seen in AGT 2017 Semi finals and 5 contestant gets eliminated from the AGT 2017 live shows. Here are the List of Eliminate contestant and those who get advance to AGT 2017 semi Finals.


AGT 2017 Voting Result

Christian Guardino

Dunkin’ Save

Artyon and Paige


In the Stairwell


The Singing Trump


Angelica Hale


Bello Nock


Just Jerk

Lost Judges Choice

Puddles Pity Party


Preacher Lawson


Yoli Mayor

Win Judges Choice

Billy and Emily England


Darci Lyne


Above Table shows AGT 2017 Live shows results and you will have to watch all the performances once if you miss the AGT 2017 quarterfinal week 1 episode. It was an exciting episode and you have never watched this type of episode on AGT live in previous season. Think how much exciting next episode is? So keep connected with us for AGT 2017 live show and AGT 2017 live show voting. As we said AGT 2017 voting will help your contestant to maintain their position on AGT 2017. AGT 2017 live voting start on 22 August and you will have AGT 2017 Live show voting result on 23 August 2017.

AGT 2017 Live Show Full Episode Watch Online and How to do AGT 2017 Live Voting

We know that every AGT 2017 fans should be in trouble that How to do AGT 2017 Live voting and AGT 2017 Live show voting. So today we are going to give you step by step guide of How to do AGT 2017 Finale voting? First you have to know about basic rules of AGT 2017 voting and that is you have 10 votes in your hands. You can use each votes for every act but if you like any act more then you can give them more than 1 vote or you can use your 10 votes on a single act. So if you want to save your favorite contestant on AGT 2017 and want to make him a AGT 2017 winner of America’s Got Talent 2017 winner you have to do AGT 2017 voting. All your AGT 2017 votes will be taken into consideration at the end of this America’s Got Talent season 12. As we said in our previous article that you should have to do AGT 2017 voting on Website of AGT or you can also get AGT 2017 Live voting and AGT 2017 Voting link here. So be ready to rack and prepare yourself for AGT 2017 Voting Live show episode 2 on 22 August 2017. Keep connected with us for more updates on AGT 2017 Semi finals, AGT 2017 Finale Voting and AGT 2017 Live Voting. AGT 2017 Live voting will be start soon once the Episode will be telecast.

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