10 Things You Must Know About Marcelito Pomoy

Hello everyone today we are going to tell you about 10 Things You Will Know Never Know About Marcelito Pomoy. There are many talented people are there all around the world but very few are getting so much popularity in such a short period. And Marcelito Pomoy is one of them who gets an immense Love from all around the world no matter whether he wins the completion or not but fans love is everything for any individual artists. That is the reason Marcelito said in his interview that “Fans Love is everything for Him; Competition is the Way to Reach them”. We have also published Marcelito Pomoy’s USA Tour 2020 dates in our previous article which you can CHECK HERE. Find some interesting fact of Marcelito Pomoy Below.

1. Marcelito Pomoy had lots of difficulty in his childhood

When Marcelito Pomoy was a child he had faced lots of problems which make him capable to adjust in any conditions. He was raised in the Philippines. His father was ended up in jail while his mother ended up abandoning Marcelito along with his siblings when he was too young. But as we say God is everywhere; he was adopted by one police officer and this is the turning point of Marcelito which brought some sunshine to his future.

2. Marcelito Discovered this Amazing Talent Randomly

During his teenage Marcelito used to do some odd jobs to help his family which many Filipino teenagers do for their family. He was in poultry work and while doing his work one day he randomly started singing in a different tone and that is the day when he found out this hidden amazing talent into him.

3. Marcelito Pomoy Got a Unique Voice

Whether you know or don’t but singing in a dual voice is quite difficult and you have not seen many who have such a great talent to sing in a two different voice. He is not only singing in his regular high tone but he also has higher notes in his voice which is a soprano register and it sounds like a female singing. So there is no doubt that he has a unique voice.

4. Marcelito Pomoy had Many Rejections In Past

During his early career, he had seen many rejections on many platforms. But he has this capability that he knows which stage is best for him and where he could connect with the people more. So he had given his audition in Pilipinas Got Talent and he becomes the winner of PGT which is equivalent to AGT in the Philippines. This is the point from where his success was started and from then he never looks back.

5. Marcelito Becomes Leading on the Philippines Television

After his success on Pilipinas Got Talent, Marcelito got regular work on the Philippines television. He had also joined one program name ASAP where many artists come and performed every single day. He becomes a host in many shows and he had done this many times for a long period. This is how he becomes the staple of a Philippines television.

6. Ellen DeGeneres Discovered Marcelito Pomoy in her Show

As we all know that Ellen DeGeneres is very famous to discovered new talent on her show from all around the world. Not only Marcelito Pomoy but she had discovered many singing talents on her show from the Philippines even before him on the American stage. Marcelito Pomoy performs 2 songs on her show in 2018 and he was already a star back in the Philippines at that time.

7. Marcelito had History with America’s Got Talent

AGT officials are always looking for new talent to recruit in their show. When AGT saw Ellens show they decided to offer Marcelito to be the part of AGT.  But Marcelito Pomoy rejected their offer as he doesn’t want to be the part of same ordinary competitions also he is already a champion in his own country. Later when AGT offered him for AGT Champions stage and to do battle, he finally decided that he would compete in AGT The Champions.

8. Marcelito Pomoy is a Family Man

Marcelito Pomoy gets married in 2014 to his wife name Joan Paraiso. Pomoy’s wedding featured some of the Philippines’ most famous celebrities including Manny Pacquiao and Kris Aquino—prominent figures in Philippines entertainment and history. Not only has this but Pomoy and Paraiso had a child together.

9. Marcelito Pomoy is a Recording Artist

Marcelito is not only a singer but he has more than this talent because he also made his own tunes. He’s, in fact, a recording artist. Till now Marcelito Pomoy got 2 record albums his first album released in 2011 called “Duet Yourself”. Also, his second album was called “Split” released in 2013. Both of his albums were recorded under Star Records and he features in both original and cover songs.

10. Marcelito Pomoy is the Pride of Phillippines

Phillippines always supplies great talent to the world especially the singers. Marcelito Pomoy talent falls under a category of established creatives, athletes, and entrepreneurs that have become global representatives of their nation. You can also Watch Marcelito Pomoys heores welcome in his country when he goes back to the Phillippines after the show this clearly shows how much their citizen proud of Marcelito.  Now it seems that the future is much brighter for Marcelito Pomoy and now he started singing on a much larger stage.

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